Amazon Product Finder

Amazon Product Finder (Pre-Alpha Version) in 2 minutes

Step 1: Filling and checking the preferences for your preferred configuration.

Step 2: Preferences and first time initialization has been performed.

Step 3: Finder is ready to search some groovy books or music.

Step 4: Use comboboxes to select product, search types and finally type in the keywords. You can press enter after the typing or alternatively press the search button.

Step 5: Finder has finished searching the products and gives you an overview of how many pages and results where retrieved (only one page at time).

Step 6: Selecting an result in the list brings up the product details panel. Now you can scroll and browse the results and check out the prices or availability details.

Step 7: If you selected search type to lite then you have to perform a new search with heavy type to get product related reviews from customer. Next and previous buttons scroll reviews through.

Step 8: If you look at the toolbar there's back and forward buttons indicating that page scrolling (result pages) is possible.


That's about it!